Maple House Arts offers intentionalized natural stone beaded & wire wrapped jewelry

                                    We also carry raw and polished stones of many types

AGATE - Balancing of physical, emotional, and intellectual bodies. Stabilizes the aura. Stimulates analytical capabilities and precision. It is reported to strengthen sight, diminish thirst, and promote marital fidelity.

AMAZONITE – Soothes all chakras. Eliminates aggravation. Soothing to the nerves. Dispels both irritating and negative energy. Brings forth qualities of clarity and clear spirit. Balances many aspects of ones personality. Used in treatment of nervous disorders. Balances the metabolic process related to calcium assimilation. Useful in resisting tooth decay and osteoporosis and for diminishing calcium deposits in the body. Helps dispel spasms of muscle tissue.

AMBER – Transmutes negative energy into positive energy. Emits bright soothing energy which helps clam nerves. Opens the crown chakra. It cleanses the environment in which it is. . Used in treatment of throat disorders. Helps in treatments of the kidney and bladder.

AMETHYST – Stone of spirituality. Provides a connection with earth and other worlds. It bestows stability, strength, invigoration, and peace . Stone of meditation. Opens and activates the crown chakra. Used to protect against psychic attacks. Enhances the ability to manage any and all responsibilities. Encourages flexibility in decisions. Assists in the assimilation of new ideas. Helps one who is attempting to find freedom from addictive personalities. Can be used in treatment of hearing disorders, and disorders of the nervous system, digestive tract, heart, stomach, skin and teeth. Helps in treatment of insomnia and arthritis. Helps to rid the pain of headache.

AMETRINE –Balances male / female qualities. Helps one to reach higher states more quickly in meditation. Disperses negativity from aura and fills with energizing and stabilizing energy. Facilitates the release of blockages. It helps to enter astral travel and providing protection and awareness. Useful for stabilizing and correcting DNA in the body.

AMMONITE – Is a protective stone, giving stability and structure to ones life. Can transform negativity into a smooth, flowing energy. Helps to encourage ones own survival instincts. Used in the treatment of disorders of the lungs and limbs. Also helpful with degenerative disorders.

ANGELITE –Aligns the physical body with the ethereal network. It provides a protective field around the environment that it is placed. Used as an elixir, it can put a shield of protection around the body. Telepathic communication is enhanced. Contact with ones spirit totem is introduce or intensified. It helps in astral travel. It helps to promote astrological or mathematical understanding. Stone for raising the state of conscious awareness. Provides guidance in psychic healing. It can be used to open a pathway for channeling. It can be used to renew and repair that which is degraded. Helps with inflammations and afflictions of the throat, the thymus and to alleviate symptoms relative to proper functioning of the heart.

APACHE TEAR – Used to comfort in times of grief. Allows for understanding of the situation of distress in order to provide insight and acceptance. Provides energy to stimulate analytical capabilities and precision. Promotes a forgiving attitude and a release of grievances which have been held against another. It stimulates spontaneity and facilitates the removal of barriers which are self-limiting. Said to expel venom of snakebite. Used to enhance the assimilation of vitamins C and D, to aid in the elimination of toxins, and to alleviate muscle spasms.

APATITE – Helps to stimulate intellect. Can help to eliminate over-activity, under-activity, blockage or congestion of any of the chackras. Used to stimulate the development of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and the awareness of the devic worlds. It can further the connection with UFOs and can provide access to past life insights and telepathy. Helps to develop deeper states of meditation, raising of the Kundalini energy, self-insight, inner clarity, peace, and oneness with ones higher self. Enhances creativity. Helps with hunger suppression.

APOPHYLLITE – Allows one to recognize and act upon truth in all situations. Used to facilitate astral travel and provide a connection to the body during travel. It allows one to see into the future by gazing into the crystal. Enhances energy stimulation. Used to enhance and stimulate ones intuitive vision by placing base of pyramid over third eye. Green apophyllite has used to take the heat out of burns and activate the heart chakra. Used to clear and refresh the eyes.

AQUAMARINE – Stone of courage. Enhances ones ability for rapid intellectual response. Provides a shielding property for the aura. Provides for the balancing of the chakras. Emits a gentle and compassionate energy helping on to become more tolerant. Helps one to take responsibility for ones own actions. Stimulates, activates and cleanses the throat chakra. Excellent for the eyes and improving vision. Used in the treatment of swollen glands and in the maintenance of teeth.

ASTROPHYLLITE – Facilitates astral travel. Allows for the recognition that one has no limitations and that “we are, in fact, all stars”. Helps one to purge from life that which should be eliminated so that one can develop and progress. Can be used in the elimination of fatty deposits, to increase sensitivities of touch, in treatment of the reproductive system and in regeneration at the cellular level.

AVENTURINE – Green aventurine is used to activate and clear the heart chakra. It is a protector of the heart chakra for energy vampires. Balancing of male / female energies. Enhances ones creativity. Amplifies ones leadership qualities. Used to treat disorders of the lungs, heart, adrenal glands, and the muscular system.

AZURITE – Stone of heaven. Awakens development of psychic self and provides for insight into all areas of ones life. Promotes recognition of intuitive information. Helps control the flow of energy. Helps eliminate indecision and worries. Enhances creative ability. Excellent for stimulation of the third eye. Stimulates ones compassionate and empathetic nature. Enhances self confidence. Works well in dissolution of energy blockages. Helps with relaxation. Treatment of disorders of spinal alignment, circulatory disorders, to disperse growths, to stimulate functioning synapses, and to clear toxins from the body. Helpful with spasms and tics.

BISMUTH – Can be used to reach the astral or spiritual realms. Relieves conditions of emotional and spiritual isolation. Stone of transformation. Can be used to diminish fever. Used to stimulate energy.

BLOODSTONE – Stone of courage. Provides a centering and grounding energy of the heart, to help balance to total body. Provides for the revitalization of love, relationships and friendships. Helps one to live in the moment. It helps one to demonstrate unselfishness and idealism, to improve one talents and abilities, to support ones decision making process, and to enhance creative efforts. Used to purify blood, kidneys, bladder, intestines, and liver. It can neutralize toxins and provide for the elimination of them. Used in the treatment of leukemia, failing eyesight, lung congestion, and rashes.

BLUE LACE AGATE – Can help one reach extremely high spiritual places. Has a highly inspirational influence when use for inner attunement. Helps with arthritis, in cases of hereditary bone deformity, and is used to strengthen the skeletal structure. Used to enhance mending of breaks and fractures. Helps to remove blockages from the nervous system. Used in treatment of disorders of the pancreas and the glands associated with digestion. Assists in eliminating outwardly manifested growths.

BOJI STONE – Balances and aligns all chakras. Useful in the removal of energy blockages. It cleans, charges and fills holes in the aura. An excellent grounding stone. Used to relieve discomfort.

BRONZITE – Helps one achieve a state of certainty. Can help one in all facets relative to service. Stone of courtesy. Provides the stimulus for decisiveness. Provides one with the courage to do. Can bring and alkaline body to an acid condition. Can be used to assist the body in normal transforming cycles. It can quicken the assimilation of iron.

CALCITE – Is an energy amplifier. It said to help the mind and body remember- the mind to remember info from astral travel and channeling, the body to remember the state of perfection. Useful in multi-directional energy distribution. It is a world teacher for all humanity. Excellent stone when studying the arts and sciences. Treatment of the kidneys, pancreas, and spleen. Used to promote the decalcification of bone growths. Assimilates calcium within the body.

CARNELIAN – Stimulates analytical capabilities and precision. It awakens ones inherent talents. It protects against envy, fear, rage and helps to banish sorrow. It provides an energy conducive to the stabilization of energy in a home. Stimulates inquisitiveness. Can be used to dispel apathy and passivity. Helps to cleanse negativity from other stones. Helps one with theatrical pursuits. It can help increase physical energy, personal power, creativity, and compassion. Used in the treatment of neuralgia, gall stones, kidney stones, pollen allergies, and colds. Used in disorders of the spine, spleen, and pancreas. And as an elixir for cuts and abrasions.

CAT’S EYE – The structure of the mineral represents happiness and serenity. It can also amplify one’s luck. Helps to stimulate intuition and enhance awareness. It’s effective in dispelling unwanted energy from ones field, and is protective. Used in the treatment of eye disorders, to increase night driving vision, and to relieve facial and sciatic problems. It has been used to relieve headaches.

CELESTITE – Good for mental activities. Allows one to recall and to acknowledge both ones spirituality and the gifts of the divine. Can provide for a fluency in communication. Stone for balance by stabilizing the yin yang values within ones field. It can provide for access to, and transfer of, information from the angelic realms. It assists with clairaudience. Stone for astral travel. An excellent assistant for dream recall. Helps dismiss worries. Used in the treatment of the eyes, and to increase the range of hearing. Helps with digestive disorders.

CHALCEDONY – Used to provide a pathway for receiving thought transmissions. Useful in balancing the body, mind, and spirit. Stone to encourage brotherhood among all. It alleviates hostilities, irritability, and melancholy. Enhances generosity, responsiveness, and receptivity. Used to improve assimilation of minerals and to help combat build up of materials in veins. Used to increase mental stability.

CHAROITE – Used in transmutation of negativity and for grounding to the spiritual self. Useful in cleansing the aura. Enhances ones giving nature. Awakens analytical abilities. Stone for transformation. Assists in the actualization of second sight and visioning. Used to treat disorders of the eyes and heart. Used to keep headaches away, especially migraine headaches. Used to stimulate and regulate the blood pressure and pulse rate. Used to improve degraded conditions of the liver and pancreas.

CHRYSANTHEMUM STONE - Stone of harmony and change. It enhances compatibility, is excellent for renewal of friendships, and helps one to progress toward unity. It brings the message to enjoy the moment. Helps one to "bloom" and progress on the path toward the perfect self. Used in providing the impetus to begin, or continue, that which is important in the path of development. It shows one that the prime reason for being a physical body is to bring love to all and to further the positive-ness of the world. Helps eliminate jealousy, animosity, and resentment. Helps to remove obstructions from ones path and provides calm confidence. Helpful for time travel. Used to aid in transitions. Used in treatment of disorders of the eyes, skin, and skeletal system. Useful in combating growths and in eliminating toxins.

CHRYSOCOLLA – Can assist one in communication with the spiritual forces. Can produce great inner strength. Promotes and enhances physical vitality. Promotes harmony by helping one release distress from negative emotions. It purifies the home and environment. Can work to remove negativity from a person. Helps one to attune to the perfection of the universe. It can help to regenerate the pancreas, assists in the regulation of insulin and to balance the blood sugar. It can strengthen the muscle structure of the legs, arms, back, and abdomen. Used in treatment of blood disorders and cellular inadequacies. It helps with disorders of the lung and helps to re-oxygenate the cellular structure. Used in treatment of muscle cramps and spasms.

CHRYSOPRASE – It activates, opens, and energizes the heart chakra. It instills a state of grace. It provides for non-judgmental attitudes, acceptance of others, and acceptance of self. It helps to heal a broken heart. It can reduce superiority and inferiority complexes. Used to encourage fidelity in business and personal affairs. Used in the treatment of disorders of the heart, increase assimilation of Vitamin C, increase dexterity, and to stimulate an increase in fertility.
CITRINE - Stone of health, wealth, and abundance. Turns negative energy into positive. It never needs cleansing. It stimulates mental focus and endurance. It stimulates the intuitive self. Used for smoothing family or group problems. Helps with problem solving. It is said to stimulate openness. Can act to stabilize emotions and to dispel anger. Aids in digestion and promotes circulation of the blood. Used to diminish growths. Used to increase visual abilities, balance the thyroid and activate the thymus.

CORAL – Represents diplomacy. Said to quiet the emotions and to bring peace to within the self. It facilitates intuition, imagination, and visualization, and helps one to use the qualities of the mystic. Used to strengthen both the circulatory system and the bones of the body. Used to stimulate tissue regeneration and nourish the blood cells. Used in treatment of disorders of the spinal canal, the nervous system, and the thalamus.

COVELLITE – Used to stimulate the third – eye and to initiate psychic power. Enhances communication skills and stimulates a positive outlook. Helps on to be reflective and acts as a mirror, showing one the defective reasoning which leads to problems. Used to relieve despondency. Assists one in accepting gratification. Used in the treatment of cancer to stimulate disordered cells to re-order themselves and to purge toxins from the body. Used in healing disorders of the ears, eyes, nose, and throat. Can help to provide for an ordering of the mental processes.

DANBURITE – Helps people to get along with others. It a powerful intellectual activator, bring both stimulus and responsiveness to the user. It can bring self love to the user. Used to facilitate motor capabilities. Used in treatment of gall bladder and the liver. If consciously directed, it will help one to add weight to the body. It further assists in the removal of toxins from the body.

DIOPTASE – Used to clear and stimulate all chakras. Helps one to live in the moment. Used over the third eye can help one see the root of the problem and can help gain wisdom to correct it. Stimulates memory of past lives. Is very beneficial in eliminating lack. Can produce a natural calming energy. It can help relieve pain. It can be udes to ease high blood pressure, and to release stress and tension. Used in treatment of inadequacies in nourishment, disturbed equilibrium, and disorders of the heart and lung.

DUMORTIERITE - Used to reduce excitability and to eliminate stubbornness. Excellent stone for patience. Can stimulate verbalization of spiritual ideas. Used to provide strength in dealing with conditions of disease. Helps to provide insight into the basis of a condition in order to help one understand and correct the cause.

FLUORITE – It creates order and stability out of chaos. Helps to impart impartiality and unbiased, detached reasoning in situations where it is needed to act upon information objectively. Stone of discernment and aptitude. Increases the ability to concentrate. It provides for purification, cleansing, and elimination of that which is in disorder. Useful to dissipate the states associated the colds, flu, and infections. Used in the treatment of tumors at their beginning stages of growth.

GALENA – Used to provide grounding and to enhance the centering of ones energies. Stone of Harmony. Assisting in the decrease of self-limiting ideas. Helpful for those studying medicine. Helps reduce inflammations and to heal skin eruptions. It is beneficial to the blood and the olfactory system. Used to increase the assimilation of selenium, zinc, to stimulate circulation, and treat disorders of the veins. Assists in the stimulation of hair growth.

GARNET – Stone of health. Enhances ones internal fire, bringing out ones creative powers. Stone of commitment to purpose, others and oneself. Balances and stimulates the development and movement of the Kundalini. Provides a balanced energy field around the physical body. Helps to bring order to chaos. Used in treating disorders of the spine and spinal fluid, bone, cellular structure, heart, lungs, and blood. Helpful in all conditions requiring regenerative forces. Used in assimilation of iodine, calcium, magnesium, and Vitamins A, D, and E.

HEMATITE – Stone of the mind. Used for mental attunement, memory enhancement, original thinking, and technical knowledge. Assists in math and the development of both mental and manual dexterity. Helps the body to remain cool. Assists in the focusing of energy and emotions for balance of the body, mind, and spirit. Assists in the dissolution of negativity, transforming the energy. Used to facilitate the attainment of peace, self-control, and inner happiness. Used in the treatment of leg cramps, blood disorders (ie. anemia), nervous disorders, and insomnia. Assists in spinal alignment and in proper healing of breaks and fractures.

HERKIMER DIAMOND – It helps one to just “be”. Assists in clearing the body-mind system of unconscious fears, allowing for total relaxation. Can be used to attune oneself with another person, environment, or activity. Helps stimulate clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities and can assist one in telepathic communication. It can accept and retain information which can be retrieved at a later time. Useful in dispersal of toxins that have accumulated in the body and for re-building the cellular structure. Used to correct imbalances in the metabolic rate. Helps to release tensions and align the energy structure of the user.

HESSONITE GARNET - Helps to eliminate felling of inferiority, encourages one to seek out new challenges, and provides courage for one to continue in personal endeavors. Helps those dedicated to service. Used to ameliorate disorders of the olfactory system, to cleanse to blood, and to clear ones environment of the negative influences which are detrimental to a healthy state.

HIDDENITE – Helps to stimulate the intellect. It prompts the connection with the other worlds and provides for clarity in the transfer of knowledge. Used to assist one intellectual or emotional pursuits and can provide insight when diagnosing disorders of the physical body.

HOWLITE – Used to calm communication, facilitate awareness and encourage emotional expression. Combines the power of reasoning with observation and patience. Spurs on toward the ambition to reach ones goals. Dispels criticalness, rudeness, boisterousness, selfishness, and facetiousness. Used to eliminate pain, stress, and rage. Encourages subtlety and tact. Balances calcium levels and is useful for disorders of the teeth, bones, and soft tissues.

HYPERSTHENE – Helps bring answers to problems of all magnitudes quickly. It can help combat irritability and critical-ness. It helps one to stand up for what right in ones moral structure. Helps one to maintain business relationships and further personal relationships. Facilitation of clairaudience can be enhanced. It energizes the aspects of self-respect and dispels the negative aspects of prideful-ness. Can be used to diminish acidity of the stomach, decrease pain, lessen tension in the limbs and shoulders, treat fever, spasms, far-sightedness, and over active pituitary gland. Helps with dispersal of growths and Achilles tendon pain.

INFINITE – The healers stone. A stone of gentle, loving angelic energy that draws out anything negative we manifest in our bodies. Reiki and massage therapists find that infinite facilitates deeper relaxation and meditative states. In their clients and pulls pain out of the body. Brings restful sleep.

IOLITE – Helps one to change painlessly. Helps one to enjoy each moment. Useful for the stimulation of visions. Performs well when used for the elimination of debt and facilitates acceptance of responsibilities. Enables one to enjoy each moment and awaken inner knowledge. It is said to enable one to consume alcohol without exhibiting the effects. Assists in lessening fatty deposits and to rid the body of toxins. Helps to improve degraded conditions of the liver.

JADE – Stone of fidelity and dreams. Brings Realization to ones potential and devotion to ones purpose. Improves ones remembering of ones dreams and assists in dream-solving. Helps to transmute negativity and instill resourcefulness. Releases suppressed emotions. Attunes one to the needs of others. Provides confidence, self-reliance, self-sufficiency, and self-assuredness. Soothes and smoothes the skin and stimulates the hair. Treatment of the heart, hips, kidneys, and spleen.

JASPER – Supreme nurturer. Helps one to realize that one is always remembered by others. Provides protection against negativity and helps one to be grounded. Stabilizes the aura and smoothes dysfunctional energies and eliminate negativity. Facilitates safe astral travel. A sustaining stone used in times of extended hospitalization and when ones energy is low. Treatment of tissue deterioration, loss of smell, disorders of the kidneys, spleen, bladder, liver, and stomach. Soothes the nerves.

KUNZITE – Holding the stone produces the feeling of powerful peace. Used to remove obstacles from ones path. It dissolves negativity, bringing up the energy level. Produces a shield from unwanted energies. Provides for centering in all situations. Stimulates intuition and creativity during meditation. It helps one to be open, strong, loving, and vibrant. Excellent for those who are not totally relaxed when expressing emotions of the heart. Eliminates energy blockages and stimulates hormones of well being. Strengthens and reinforces the heart muscles, treats lung, circulatory and stress related disorders.

KYANITE – Aligns and opens all chakras automatically and immediately. Brings tranquility and calming to the whole being. Stimulates communication and psychic awareness. Dispels anger and frustration. Facilitates meditation, accessing the astral plane, connection with spiritual guides, and recall of dreams to promote dream solving. Dispels energy blockages. Used in treatment of muscular system, adrenal glands, throat, parathyroid glands and the brain.

LABRADORITE - Temple of the stars. Protects ones aura. Helps one to understand the destiny ones chosen. Transforms intuition into intellectual thought so that one can implement the instructions provided. It assists one to traverse changes, attracting strength and perseverance. Provides clarity of inner sight. Eliminates insecurity and apprehension. Helps one to reflect and to facilitate transformations which are beneficial. Enhances patience. Treatment of brain disorders, stimulates mental acuity, reduces stress and anxiety, assists in digestion, regulation, and metabolism, and clarifies the eyes.

LAPIS LAZULI – Helps access ancient knowledge. Stone of total awareness. Develops insight into ones dreams. Can assist one in the organization of ones life. Helps one to overcome depression, and enhances the states of serenity and self-acceptance. Used in protection from psychic attacks. Stimulates restructuring of hearing loss. Treatment of disorders of the throat, bone marrow, thymus, and immune system. Relieves insomnia, vertigo, and dizziness.

LARIMAR – Helps to stimulate the release of self-constraints. Helps one to admit guilt when guilty and brings a sense of peace in truthfulness. Helpful in discouraging overzealous displays. Stone for earth healing. Represents peace and clarity, emitting the energy of healing and love. Used in treatments of cartilage, hair and feet.

LEPIDOLITE – Excellent stone for business pursuits. Induces the attribute of self love. Used for stress reduction and to alleviate despondency. Stone of transition – helping one through life situations. Assists one in openness and honesty. Can be used to locate energy blockages in the body. Assists in digestion, relieves tension and stress disorders, promotes the relaxation of wrinkles. Used to treat tendentious, leg cramps, tight shoulder muscles, and elimination. Can assist in soothing the nervous system, stabilizing the flow of blood, and to calm the heart.

MALACHITE – Stone of transformation. Assists one in changing situations. Excellent for clarifying emotions. It is an equalizing and balancing agent, help to create an unobstructed path leading to a desired goal. Helps one to accept responsibility for ones actions. Fidelity in love and friendship, loyalty in partnerships, and responsibility in business transactions. Stimulates instinctive and intuitive reasoning. Protects against radiation. Helps one look deep within the self to acknowledge the reasons supporting the illness. Used in treatment of asthma, arthritis, swollen joints, tumors, growths, broken bones, and torn muscles. Enhances the immune system and eases birth process.

MOLDAVITE – Holds potential for interdimensional accessing of galactic energies. Stimulates the Kundalini. Breaks down limitations and moves one along their spiritual path. The cosmic attunement stone. Helps with connection to ones guides and expanding ones awareness. It brings to the surface that which you most need to recognize. Is an activation stone. Helps to identify the roots of the imbalance or disease. Often creates a healing crisis that points to how you have done this to yourself and how to get out.

MOOKITE – Helps one identify one’s own Belief about aging, so thoughts can be changed. Helps to maintain a young at heart attitude. Activates the deeper aspects of mind and genetic memory. Facilitates intuitive communication with the unborn child. Assists in the regeneration of the physical body. Helps to counter the effects of aging.

MOONSTONE – Energy is balancing, introspective, reflective, and lunar. Energy of new beginnings. A stone for hoping and wishing. Brings white light of healing and perfection. Helps one recognize the ups and downs and acknowledge the changing cycles. Can assist one in sustaining, maintaining, and understanding the destiny one has chosen. Brings flashes of insight. Enhances perception, discernment, creativity, and self-expression. Alleviates emotional tension and cleanses negativity. Talisman of good fortune and protection during travel. Stimulates confidence and composure. Brings calmness coupled with awareness. Rejuvenates and alleviates conditions associated with the hair, skin, and eyes. Enhances the assimilation of nutrients, elimination of toxins, fertility, promotes ease in pregnancy and childbirth. Ameliorates PMS and change-of-life symptoms. Relieves swelling and insect bites.

MOSS AGATE – Leads one towards the characteristics of agreeability, persuasiveness, strength in all endeavors, and efficacy in all pursuits. Improves ego and self esteem. Provides for emotional balance and strengthening of positive personality traits. Helps in the acquisition of riches and the power of speed. Used in the treatment of dehydration, disorders of the eye, fungal infections, stimulate digestion, the elimination of body toxins, relieve symptoms of colds, internal infections, and flu. An elixir is useful for topical treatment of skin disorders and infections.

MOTHER OF PEARL – Stone of sincerity. Symbolizes purity. Brings truth to situations. Signifies faith, charity, and innocence. Enhances personal integrity. Helps to focus intention. Inhibits boisterous behavior. Clears channels for receipt of wisdom. Provides a clear vehicle for advancing states of wisdom. Treatment of soft organs and digestive disorders. Relieves bloating. Increases fertility and eases childbirth.

MUSCOVITE – Allows layers of insecurities and uncertainties to disperse. Can be used to lessen self doubt. Brings quick thinking and concise expression of ones feelings. It strengthens the intuitive process and assists in discovery of solutions to problems. Activates awareness of higher self, especially when struggling with a major life decision. Used in the treatment of allergies, to balance pancreatic secretions, control blood sugar levels, and regulate kidneys.

NUMMIT – Used to open, activate, and integrate the chakras. Provides grounding. Useful in the removal of blockages. Excellent energy source. Can be used to fill void and clear muddy areas of the aura. Helps to shield from many forms of negative energy. Helps against negative vibrations of pollutants. Assists one to see behind facades. Enhances memory, and promotes recall of relevant information. Used in tissue regeneration, to relieve pain, headaches, and degenerative disease. Can be used to disperse infections, purify the blood, and regulate insulin production. Used in treatment of the throat, vision, and eyes. Used to stimulate circulation, assist in recovery from Parkinson’s disease, treat disorders of the nervous system, brain, stimulate mental acuity, and to reduce anxiety and stress.

OCEAN JASPER – Supreme nurturer. Allows one to access cellular memory. A soothing, centering stone. Facilitates meditative states and an experience of presence in the moment. It assists one in locating and clearing limiting or stuck patterns of energy that may cause imbalance or disease. It helps to calm ones thoughts. Used to support pursuits based upon service. Helps one to accept responsibility and increases patience. Supports regeneration of tissues.. Improves digestion, eliminates toxins, and stabilizes nutrients. Useful in stabilizing the thyroid, adrenals and assisting the endocrine system in balancing the body.

OBSIDIAN – Produces very blunt answers, focuses ones inner vision, and helps to show a course of action. Excellent protection and grounding stone. Provides a shield against negativity. Useful in healing to provide clarity with respect to cause and how to get rid of the disease.

ONYX – Helps with centering ones self. Banishes grief. Enhances self control. Stimulates power of wise decision making. Encourages happiness and good fortune. Helps to absorb energies from the universe that are needed. Can help to cleanse intuitive readers. Helps one become the master of ones own future. Recognition of personal strengths. Treatment of soft tissue, bone marrow and feet.

OPAL – Helps with creativity. Further clean, true, and spontaneous action and the release of inhibitions. Can be used to strengthen the memory, instill faithfulness and loyalty with respect to love, personal affiliations, and business relationships. Assists one to become invisible in circumstances where ones doesn’t want to be noticed. Stone of happy dreams and changes. Used to awaken psychic qualities. Used to encourage flashes of insight and intuition. Used to disperse infections, purify the blood and kidneys, and to regulate insulin production. Used in the treatment of disorders of vision, to alleviate fevers, and stimulate circulatory functions. Helps to provide comfort and ease during childbirth.

PEACOCK ORE – Assists in finding lost objects. Enhances ones abilities of perception. Stone of the Mystic. Helps to remove energy blockages and opens the crown chakra. Assists one in the achievement of the state of physical perfection. Assists in the treatment of disorders of the brain. Helps to relieve the pressure of tumors and growths and to constrict them. Assists in the natural composition and formation of cells. Helps to treat bronchitis and disorders of the lung. Helps lessen fevers, reduce inflammation, and promote hair growth.

PEARL –. Symbolizes purity. Brings truth to situations. Signifies faith, charity, and innocence. Stone of sincerity Enhances personal integrity. Helps to focus intention. Provides a clear vehicle for advancing states of wisdom. Treatment of soft organs and digestive disorders. Relieves bloating. Increases fertility and eases childbirth.

PERIDOT – It furthers the understanding of the changes in ones life, Regulates cycles in ones life. Provides a shield of protection. Helps to heal a bruised ego. Inspires happiness within the self. Used for seeking and recovery of that which is lost or misplaced. Excellent healing stone for strengthening and regenerating the body. Used to help with near-sightedness and astigmatism. Treats disorders of the heart, lungs, spleen, and intestinal tract. Healing of ulcers and facilitation of the birthing process.

PETOSKY STONE – Stimulates the third eye and the intuitive levels of the higher self. Enhances the awareness of the emotions. Discourages infections. Can bring the promotion and actualization to ones creative endeavors.

PETRIFIED WOOD – Provides strength in all areas of ones life. A stone for grounding. Provides access to past lives. Can be used to strengthen the back and alignment to skeletal structure of the body. Aids in the treatment of hearing loss. Provides support to one coming through the crisis period of disease. Stone of transformation. Assists one to advance to ones highest chosen level. An elixir, applied topically, can sooth the skin and stimulate thickness and luster in the hair.

PHENACITE – Highly stimulating to the third eye. Facilitates deep meditation. It can bring the way of love and heavenly being into ones life. An excellent stone for healing, producing clear energy patterns. It is also a gathering stone, gathering the energies of other stones used in healing and making them more effective. Provides expedient clearing, cleansing, and activating to any chakra. It can provide a purifying energy to the total body.

PICASSO STONE – Assists one in the development of creative talents and in the fulfillment of artistic enterprises. Assists one in sustaining and maintaining. Facilitates the transformation of intuition into intellectual thought such that one can implement the instructions provided. Assists one to traverse changes, attracting strength and perseverance. Known as the master of the subconscious mind. Can help to provide clarity to inner sight. Stimulates the circulatory system, to reduce anxiety and stress, and to assist in digestion, regulation, and metabolism. Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, cellular and organ toxicity, and to promote weight loss.

PICTURE JASPER - Stone of proportion and harmony. Stimulates creative visualization. Furthers the development and continuance of business pursuits and leads to activities to cause increase. Helps bring hidden thoughts, grief, fears, and hopes to the surface so that one may face the cause of the disorders. Stimulates proper functioning of the immune system and treatment of the skin and kidneys.

PIETERSITE – Stimulates the pineal gland. Assists during meditative states to experience visions. Contains the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Dispels illusion and assists in the recognition of the beauty of the soul. Stimulates dignified power and loving guidance. Promotes loyalty to ones self. Assists one in remaining open to experience and to see beyond the horizon. Supports courage, tenacity, and efforts to create and maintain beauty. Stimulates the pituitary gland and regulation of the other endocrine glands.

PYRITE – Negative energy shield. Protects from physical danger and negative vibrations of pollutants. Assists in physical perfection. Encourages health, intellect, and emotional well being. Enhances memory and promotes recall of information. Treatment of both the structure of bones and the composition and formation of cells. Treatment bronchitis and lung disorders. Lessens fevers and reduces inflammation.

QUARTZ – Stone of power. Used to dispel static electricity. Used to amplify both body energy and thoughts. Brings the energy of the stars to the soul. Stimulates and amplifies psychic abilities. Assists in retaining calmness and clarity in all situations. Provides for purification of the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. Decreases inner negativity and stimulates positive thoughts. It can also direct ones materialistic energies toward the spiritual realm. It tends to cancel the harmful effects of radiation and radioactivity. It facilitates communication with otherworldly masters, teachers, and healers. Worn near the throat, it can stimulate the thyroid and parathyroid glands. Treatment of the circulatory system, vertigo, dizziness, and emotional stability. Eliminates pain and blistering of burns, kidney and bladder infections and dysfunction.

RED JASPER – Assists one in rectifying unjust circumstances. The energy communicates the message that all choice is ones own responsibility. Assists in providing rescue in situations of danger. Allows one to remember dreams. Used to prevent set backs in disorders. Helps one to learn to progress.

RHODOCROSITE – Stone of love and balance. Gently and quickly balances the emotions. It balances ones mental process to enhances ones awareness and spirituality. It removes tendencies toward avoidance and denial. Provides balance and love on all levels for all bodies. Treatment of sinus infections, ulcers, skin disorders, thyroid, heart and pulse. Can be used in the treatment to strengthen the walls of the intestines and promote the production of the proper range of gastric fluids to enhance digestion.

RHODONITE – Stone of love. Stimulates intuitive guidance. Helps one to attain calm assurance in all activities. Helps one to achieve their greatest potential. Dispels anxiety. Treatment of emphysema, inflammation of the joints, light sensitivity, strep throat, heart disorders and arthritis.

RHYOLITE – Represents change, variety, and progress. It lights the fire of creativity in the soul. Helps one the strengthen both body and mind. Excellent stone for meditation. Allows for the understanding of selfless actions. Stone of resolution, bringing the unresolved to completion. Used in the treatment of disorders of the veins, to dispel chills, eliminate rashes, skin disorders, and to improve assimilation of B Vitamins.

ROSE QUARTZ – Emits a calming, cooling energy to help reinstate the loving, gentle forces of self love.. Stone of gentle love. Heals emotional wounds. Brings calmness and clarity to the emotions. Restores harmony after chaotic or crisis situation. Brings peacefulness and calm to relationships. Excellent energy for healing emotional wounds. Dissolves stress and tension. Clears the skin and reduces wrinkles. Diminishes pain and stimulates the heart. Decreases coughs and soothes bronchial and lung areas. Treatment of vertigo, burns, disorders of the kidneys and adrenal glands.

RUBY – Assists one in the selection and attainment of ones ultimate values. Stimulates the loving, emotional side toward nurturing, bringing, spiritual wisdom, health, knowledge, and wealth. Stone of nobility. It can improve success in controversies and disputes. An excellent shielding stone against psychic attack. It has been used to induce stability in ones economic status. Protect against unhappiness, distressing dreams, and lightning. Brings lucidity to the dream state. Encourages one to follow ones bliss. The energy can assist one in changing ones world. Used in the treatment of fever, heart disorders relating to flow through the ventricles, and decrease the time required for toxins to exit the body.

RUBY IN ZOISITE – Stimulates amplifies psychic abilities. Serves as a vehicle for reaching and utilizing talents and abilities of the mind. Amplifies the entire energy field. Used for diagnostic healing. Improves disorders of the heart and disorders associated with diminished physical vitality.

RUTILATED QUARTZ – Balances emotions and physical system. Assists in getting to the root of a problem. Eases transitions with calm reason and order. Stabilizes relationships, marriages, and mental processes. Dispels unwanted interference from the physical and spiritual worlds. Provides insight into reasons for visiting a site during astral travel. Treatment of bronchitis and adds sparkle to the eyes. Stimulates sexuality when consciously directed.

SAPPHIRE – Used to rid one of unwanted thoughts. It brings lightness and joy. Stone of prosperity. Helps eliminate frustration and fulfill dreams. Used in the treatment of disorders of the blood, to combat excessive bleeding, and to strengthen the walls of the veins. Used in the treatment of cellular disorders.

SARDONYX – Assists in bringing happiness in marriage. It can be used to attract friends and good fortune, and to encourage self control. Used to diminish hesitation and to provide courage. Stone of virtue. Useful in gridding overpopulated areas to decrease crime.

SCAPOLITE – Helps one to delve deep into the areas within the self in order to find solutions to present and past problems. It encourages independence and initiative in ones life. Provides the impetus to change. Brings stamina and clarity to attain a goal. Used in the treatment of cataracts, glaucoma, dyslexia, incontinence, bone disorders, constriction of veins, and in recovery from physical operations. Used to increase calcium assimilation.

SELENITE – Provides for clarity of mind. Used to access past and future lives. Assists one in judgments and dispute. Provides flexibility to one nature and strength to ones decisions. Assists one in the acquisition of materialistic pursuits related to business. Aligns the spinal column and promotes muscular flexibility. Promotes flexibility within the muscular structure. Prevents and overcomes damage caused by free radicals. Corrects disorders and deformities of the skeletal system. Stabilizes epileptic disorders. Extends ones life span. Used to help with poisoning from fillings in ones teeth.

SEPTARIAN – Enhances the gift of speaking, stimulating deeper interest, respect, and enthusiasm within and throughout the audience. Instills patience, endurance, and tolerance. Supports survival, allowing for one to always be prepared. Promotes freedom of movement and assists in self-healing. Treatment of external tumors and growths, enhances muscular structure and prevents degeneration of the bones.

SERAPHINITE – Helps us to communicate with Angelic realms. It helps bring us together in relationships and to heal on the physical, emotional, and mental levels. Helps us to achieve independence. It helps us to appreciate our growing spirituality. Helps to provide us with a sense of order, within our lives and the universe, even at times of chaos. Helps us to understand we are not helpless or hopeless in this world. It is useful in times of confinement, providing a comforting energy and bringing stabilization to our condition. A great stone for healing.

SERPENTINE – Useful in the rise of the Kundalini. Clears clouded areas of the chakras. Excellent stone for enhancing the meditative state. Used in the treatment of diabetes and hypoglycemia, helps eliminate parasitic infestations, and increases the absorption of calcium and magnesium. Renders assistance to disorders in all areas of the body when consciously directed.

SHELL – Provides boundless growth in all areas of an endeavor. Enhances mental clarity. Stimulates intuition, sensitivity, imagination, and adaptability. Provides insight in decision making, as to options to choose. Promotes cooperation between others and within the self. Excellent source of cohesive energy for groups. Treatment of hearing disorders, calcium deficiencies, dysfunction of the spinal canal and nervous system. Assists in healing breaks in the skeletal structure. Enhances assimilation of vitamins A and D. Protects the muscular system from atrophy.

SHIVA LINGAM – Used to remind us that perceived opposites are different energies that are part of the whole. Aids in uniting all sides of the self. Assist in overcoming judgment, separation, and the need to be individual or apart. Helps us feel unity. Stimulates the body’s energetic system., supporting general healing on all levels. The shape represents the male aspect and the markings represent the female aspect. The total energetic effect of the stone is one of union and the activation of the Kundalini. Can be used to treat infertility or impotence. Used to strengthen and balance the entire body.

SMOKEY QUARTZ – Stone of cooperation. Used to gently dissolve negative energies and emotional blockages. Can be used to initiate a force field which will absorb many forms of negativity, both from within oneself and from outer sources. Helps to balance the mind, energy, and attune the energies required fro spiritual development. Excellent grounding stone. Enhances attentiveness to the moment. Activates the survival instincts and acts to improve ones intuition. Promotes personal pride and joy in living. Used to regulate creativity in business and to encourage astute-ness in purchasing. Works to diffuse communication deficiencies. Can facilitate the regulation of liquids in the body, can produce a state of equilibrium within the body in respect to mineral supplementation. Used to dissipate congestion from physical organs and glands located in the solar plexus area. Relieves disorders of the hands and feet.

SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN – Stone of purity. Helps one to pay attention to detail. Allows one to recognize the unnecessary patterns which remain in ones life. Redesigns thought patterns to provide relief from undesired conditions. Helps one to recognize guidance. Excellent stone to use in attuning to animal totems and guides. Used in treatment of disorders of the veins and skeletal structure. Smoothes the skin and clears the eye. Can help energetically to limit the spread of cancer cells through the body.

SODALITE – Provides for the ability to arrive at logical conclusions via rational mental processes. Helps eliminate confusion and stimulates one intellect. It facilitates th manifestation of the qualities of companionship and mutual dependence, encouraging self esteem, self trust, and trust in others. Enhances truthfulness in emotions allowing recognition and verbalization of feelings. Excellent for use in groups providing fellowship, solidarity, and commonality of goal and purpose. Treatment of gland metabolism, digestive disorders, as a purifying agent for the body, dispels insomnia, and calcium deficiencies.

STAUROLITE – This mineral is a talisman of good luck. Also, called the faery stone or faery cross and was said historically to be the crystallized tears of faeries. It is used in ceremonies of white magic and can facilitate the action of the rituals. Can be used to provide a connection between the physical, astral, and the extraterrestrial planes assisting in alignment, balancing, and communication between the three. Helps with stress relief and addictive personality traits. Can eliminate depression. Can help stop smoking. Used to alleviate the symptoms and causes of growths.

SUGILITE – Brings the realization of the connection between the well being of the body and the mind. Helps one to forgive oneself and others. Helps one to understand the lessons which have been chosen for this lifetime. Helps one believe in oneself. Eliminates hostility. A comforting energy to use against the feelings of discouragement or despair. It furthers ones creative endeavors. Treatment of headaches and all forms of disease. Attracts healing power.

SUNSTONE – Used to clear and energize the chakras. Dissipates fearfulness, alleviates stress and increases vitality. Encourages independence, originality, and luck in games. Provides luck in games. Thought to represent the sun god bringing life and abundance in ancient Greece. Helpful with chronic sore throats. Reduces stomach tension and relieves ulcers. Treatment of cartilage problems, rheumatism, aching feet, and spinal problems.

TANZANITE - Stone of magic. Brings together all the aspects of communication and psychic power and allows the user to adequately communicate psychic visions. Invites protection and safety during all activities. Facilitates communication with the spirit world and encounters with otherworldly beings. Used to assist one in encountering different aspects of the self. Treatment of skin disorders, misalignment of the spinal column, disorders of the eyes, and to help bring one from a comatose state.

THOMSONITE – Used in treatment against brashness, treachery, and laziness. Assists on to eliminate the fog of mystery which threatens to defy solution. It promotes the clearing of the mind. Can be use in the treatment of high body temperatures, oral fungus, and cysts. Can also stimulate the thymus and increase youthfulness.

TIGER EYE – Helps one to become practical. Releases introversion and fear. Combines sharpness and grounding. Used to stimulate and maintain wealth. Enhances psychic abilities and promotes intuition. Provides clarity by bringing together scattered details into a pattern. Eliminates the blues and brings brightness and optimism. Brings awareness to ones personal needs. Treatment of eye, throat, reproductive system, spinal column, and mending broken bones. Aids in night vision.

TIGER IRON – Can be used to assist in creative endeavors, prompting the artistic abilities toward wondrous beauty and works. Helps one find havens of refuge when danger is perceived. Stimulates the physical vitality. Promotes the assimilation of B-complex vitamins, increases white/red blood cell count, strengthens the muscular structure and stimulates the production of steroids.

TOPAZ – Stone of true love and success in all endeavors. Promotes individuality and creativity. Provides confidence in trusting ones decisions. Replaces negativity with love and joyfulness. Energy acts through the laws of attraction and manifestation. Is a crystal of potency that is useful in visualization, meditation, and projection. Promotes expression of ideas and instills trust in the universe. Helps one to creatively change ones personal world. Used for healing, bringing wealth and health to the holder. Can be used to manifest health and correct disorders within the body. Used to treat loss of sense of taste, healing of wounds, and skin eruptions.

TOURMALINATED QUARTZ – Provides humanity with a tool which produces a solving atmosphere. Used to assist one in providing strength to resolve relationships and situations. Aids in eliminating many crystallized patterns which are, or have been, destructive in nature and in ones life. Aids in adjusting imbalances throughout the body.

TOURMALINE – Clears, maintains, and stimulates the energy centers of the body. Attracts inspiration, diminishes fear, promotes understanding, and encourages self-confidence. Used to stimulate balance between the hemispheres of the brain. Provides direction toward that which brings good. Provides insight during times of struggle telling who or what is causing trouble. Brings healing powers to the user and provides protection. Has a very energizing power. Enhances creativity.

TSAVORITE – Helps one to know thyself. Helps to stimulate the knowledge that we are the rulers of our destiny. Provides a connection to the higher planes and the spiritual world enhancing channeling and helping to produce visions. Can be used in the treatment of disorders of the senses.

TURQUOISE – Excellent for spiritual attunement. Promotes spontaneity in issues of romance and stimulates the initiation of romantic love. Excellent protection stone, changes color to warn of impending danger. Provides strength and protection during vision quests and astral travel. Strengthens and aligns all chakras, meridians and subtle bodies. Can bring any and all energies to a higher level. Master healer for emotional, mental, and physical problems. Helps one to develop ones natural and psychic powers. Assists in communications, both written and verbal. Improves meditation and to further peace of mind. Provides regeneration of muscle tissue. Treatment of cataracts and headaches. Stability during ambulatory motion.

UNAKITE – Balances the emotional body. Aligns higher forces of spirituality. Gently releases conditions which inhibits ones growth. Helps one determine the root cause of disease. Helps one to deal with both the information and events of the past. Used in the treatment of the reproductive system and to stimulate healthy pregnancies while facilitating the health of the unborn.

ZINCITE – Provides for the synthesis of personal power, physical energy, and creativity useful in removing energy blockages. Helps to bring together those of like minds. Use to increase one conscious connection with the higher realms. Increase mental clarity and perception. Used to improve the condition of hair and skin. Used in the treatment of disorders of the prostrate, and can provide purification.
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