Maple House Arts offers intentionalized natural stone beaded & wire wrapped jewelry

                                    We also carry raw and polished stones of many types

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             Here is a begining and more will come as the story unfolds.
Life is the story and it is an epic novel

Wholistic Healing Arts Conferences presents

Energetics: All Energy is Good Energy

What is the Nature of Energy? What does it mean to balance your bioelectromagnetic field? How do I get messages from Energy?

Get the answers to these and more at our first     WHA Conference!

Join speakers Judy Meinen, Joe Rothengass, and Amy Vasterling as they help us understand the negative and positive, the ebb and flow, of Energy. Each speaker will present for 45 minutes, followed by a panel featuring the three of them answering your questions and connecting the dots between their talks.

Presentation Schedule:
6 pm - 8:15 pm
Joe - The Nature of Energy
Judy - Balancing Bioelectric Magnetic Fields
Amy - Reading Energy

8:15 - 9 pm
Panel Discussion and Q&A featuring our three speakers

The cost is $20 at the door. We look forward to seeing you there!

About our speakers:
Judy Meinen, RN, HTP, AT, Reiki Master, has been doing business as Angel Care Healing Touch since 1997. She has a long history of conducting workshops on Angels, Wellness and Healing, the Paranormal, and other Metaphysical areas.

Joe "the Rock Guy" Rothengass is the expert when it comes to gems, stones, and their healing energies. Joe is also an intuitive healer and has taught classes on crystals and stones.

Amy Vasterling is an experienced clairvoyant, not the crystal ball carrying kind, but tuning in to Universal energy and your guides, she can see clearly and quickly what’s keeping you stuck and advise how to shift your energy patterns keeping you there, all done in a cheerful way.

After nearly a decade of reading for people, Amy has honed her craft of seeing raw details and creates a useful, profound plan of action you couldn’t have envisioned. Working with Amy is an adventure. She brings her kindhearted, playful nature to each reading that’ll have you coming back to learn more.

Saturday, September 12

6 pm - 9 pm

America's Best Value Inn
809 West Clairemont Ave.
Eau Claire

This is Miss Maple
She is why we bought the house that was built on her lot.

These are her consorts and guardians.
The Gentlemen Maples.

Lisa & Joe are Maple House Arts, it was started when Lisa was let go from her job with 1000's of others.  She then started to follow where life took her. Customizing beaded and wire wrapped jewelry to help promote a wholeness in life.  All items are intentionalized to help emotional, spiritual, and physical needs for the highest good of the individual.
Joe has always been drawn to stones and rocks. He has connections with them as individuals who are our elders and want to help us grow. They will also help us to reconnect with our true selves and old ways that should have never changed.

Maple House Arts
Joe & Lisa Rothengass

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