Maple House Arts offers intentionalized natural stone beaded & wire wrapped jewelry

                                    We also carry raw and polished stones of many types

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             Here is a begining and more will come as the story unfolds.
Life is the story and it is an epic novel

Natural Crystalline Way
Level 1

Level 1 - A Laying On Of Stones Through New Eyes

Come and join someone, whom stones speak with, to help teach you how they like to be used. This proves to be an easier way of using crystals for energetic healing that will become an innate way of being, which will also simplify life.
During the class, we will explore your individual way of connecting with the energies of the crystalline realm, work on your intuitive skills, discuss and utilize the powers of “grid-working” and spend a generous amount of time practicing what you will learn. When you get through, you will receive a certificate of completion for this unique method of healing on all levels of life.

When: Sat, February 7 9a-6p & Sun, February 8 9a-

Where: Ramada, 1565 N.Federated Drive, Appleton, WI  54913

COST: $300
Lunch for Both Days
All Materials
Will need to bring massage tables

Please feel free to bring any stones or minerals that you are already connected to.

$100 deposit needed by registration deadline.
Registration deadline is January 16, 2015.
Please send deposit to Maple House Arts, 1622 W Rogers Ave. Appleton, Wi 54914.

This is Miss Maple
She is why we bought the house that was built on her lot.

These are her consorts and guardians.
The Gentlemen Maples.

Lisa & Joe are Maple House Arts, it was started when Lisa was let go from her job with 1000's of others.  She then started to follow where life took her. Customizing beaded and wire wrapped jewelry to help promote a wholeness in life.  All items are intentionalized to help emotional, spiritual, and physical needs for the highest good of the individual.
Joe has always been drawn to stones and rocks. He has connections with them as individuals who are our elders and want to help us grow. They will also help us to reconnect with our true selves and old ways that should have never changed.

Maple House Arts
Joe & Lisa Rothengass

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